Monday, July 11, 2011

Edens Fantasy gift card is a great gift to get your  girlfriend or boyfriend or for that someone who needs a little fun . It has four different amounts to choose  from  which are $25, $50, $75and $100 . So there’s something for everyone budget

 Edens Fantasy gift card is a  great gift to  give someone when you want to give someone special something sexy  but you don’t really know what there into , and Edens Fantasy’s has so many things to chose from everyone man or women can find what they desire .

My older sister just graduated and I didn’t know what to get her so I got her a card from Eden and she loved it . She got something she liked and I didn’t have to stress about what to get her, its definitely a better gift then flowers and a card.

To use the card you just go pick out a product and when your done go to your cart and put in the digits that are in front of the card were it says, If you have Coupon, Partner or Gift Card Code . Put your gift card code in the gift card tap and click submit , and your money will be added and enjoy.

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Crystal High Intensity Bullet

 This little bullet 3.5 inches long but don’t let that size fool you because this bullet can get the job done its very powerful but also quiet . The bullet has multiple speeds, you just hold the button until you reach you desired intensity. Then press button once to turn off ,the button lights up to show that its on. It comes in colors silver, purple and pink which I have. Its waterproof and batteries are included with purchase it takes 1-N battery which I find a little inconvenient because not everyone sells N batteries and the battery I got with my toy only lasted four uses.

This is another great product by Eden Fantasy's. This is my favorite toy I own  I’m very pleased with it , it has a lot of power but quiet which is good because I don’t live alone you can also put it on low setting for teasing with a partner . Its also good to use for clitoral and nipple stimulation . You can also use it in the shower because its water proof and its discreet  so its travel friendly.

Rating:  4/ 5

Positives:  powerful , travel friendly, quiet.

Negatives:  batteries don't last long

Noise level : 2/5

Intensity Level:  5/5

Body / part areas best used on [ ? ] : clitoris and nipples ,external.

Who / What/ How can you use it [ ? ]: Can be worn during masturbation, Solo, Teasing,
Anyone, Bachelor/ bachelorette party,College students

Where  can you use it[ ? ]   Bath / shower,  on a bed, shower, Dorm room/campus 

Features[ ? ]
Travel friendly, waterproof, batteries included,  , multi speeds
Powered by[ ? ] 1-N battery 

Material / Texture[ ? ] Its made from plastic and is very smooth  it feels a little like metal than plastic to me which i like. Can easily be cleaned with antibacterial soap and hot water or by wiping down with isopropyl alcohol.

If your interested in buying the Crystal High Intensity Bullet  than just click on it and add it to your cart.
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hands free passion wing

Hm not up to my expectations, I got this toy from a friend and I was existed to try it  , but was disappointed. I like a lot of power and this toy is not that powerful ,but i find if i take the bullet out of the butterfly, then it gives you stronger vibration . I'm a girl with thicker thighs and so that made it hard to use the strings that your legs go in to use the toy hands free, so I just cut them off. So if you're a bigger girl then you may have trouble fitting the stings. Overall an OK toy it gets you there but takes to long a little disappointing, not my favorite toy I would probably not recommend it to a friend. But if your looking for a good foreplay toy than this is the right one for you.

Use: This little butterfly is powered by three watch batteries and adjustable stapes to fit you for hand free pleasure and multi speeds all tho I did have trouble fitting them so it is not made for everyone . You can use the toy with the bullet in or you can take it out which I find is better because the vibrations are stronger.Its not big enough for anal or vaginal pinatration so if your looking for that this is not the toy for you.
Rating:   2  /5
Positives:   hands free, water proof, 
Negatives:   its a little hard to use the hands free stings if you have bigger thighs, not that powerful. the batteries do not last that long. Its powered by 3 watch batteries and its hard to keep the butterfly clean.
Noise level : 2/5
Intensity Level:  2/5
Body / part areas best used [ ? ] : Clitoris
Who / what / How can it be used [ ? ]
Can be worn during masturbation, Solo, Teasing,

Where can you use it [ ? ]   
Bath / shower, Bedroom / on a bed, Tub/shower/pool 

Features[ ? ]
Travel friendly, waterproof, batteries included, vibrating bullet included , multi speeds

Powered by[ ? ] 3 watch batteries

Material / Texture[ ? ] Material is also known as TPR, TPR is less porous than cyberskin but more porous than silicone, so its recommend that you  use condoms when sharing. TPR toys cannot be disinfected with boiling water. You can wash them with warm water and toy cleaner or mild soap. Safety features are  Nubbed, Latex free , Phthalates free , Hypo-allergenic. The butterfly dose get lint on it very easy so its a pain to clean
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